about us

Regent Tek Industries Inc. is an innovative and technologically advanced thermoplastic road marking manufacturer in the Northeast United States. With the present need for road marking materials growing and the supply of thermoplastic limited to a handful of manufacturers, the principals of Regent Tek Industries felt the need to build a manufacturing plant to specifically supply the northern states with a product far superior in quality and sustainability than the current products on the market today. With innovative thermoplastic formulas developed in Europe and specially formulated for northern climates, Regent Tek's thermoplastic products are superior in quality, consistency, and reliability.

The company's management comes with over 60 years combined manufacturing and quality assessment experience. Their large warehouse and manufacturing facility boasts an in house Quality Assessment Program to test the product under intense scrutiny and quality assurance, guaranteeing a product to withstand the extreme weather changes associated with any climate. The immense changes in hot and cold create conditions where pavements shrink and stretch making existing road marking products to crack and chip away. Liquid Mile Mark™ products are specifically formulated to expand and contract with the pavement to ensure perfect uniform markings as the seasons change. Using the highest quality raw materials sourced from US and foreign markets, ensures the highest grade of thermoplastic material.

Based in Long Island, New York the company can accommodate the needs of line striping companies north of Virginia and as far west as Illinois within a day's drive. The relative distance to northeastern states will allow stripers to order and receive delivery as their needs arise.

In addition to its excellent product line, the company is an AUTHORIZED THERMOPLASTIC MANUFACTURER for New York State with a Women Based Enterprise (WBE) certification with New York City and to expand to New York State and Port Authority of New York.